All of our butterflies are ethically sourced from a conservation project in South East Asia. None are harmed, our aim is to preserve their beauty forever.




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What we do and why we love it...

Here at Mariposa London we are fascinated by the natural world and it’s beauty and have always found butterflies especially intriguing. Their unique transformation from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly is astounding.

Sadly their numbers are declining due to drastic changes in their environment, habitats being destroyed and pollution. They are fragile creatures who struggle to adapt to such changes. Thankfully there are many butterfly conservation organisations and charities devoted to saving them.

Our aim is to preserve their extraordinary physical beauty once they have passed naturally (this is very important to us!) by creating ethical taxidermy pieces with our prints, illustrations, embroidery and collages inspired by sacred geometry. We hand set and pin each one individually and then carefully mount onto our own handmade designs in London.

We only source butterflies from natural death conservation projects. We do not buy or sell any endangered species.

Got a particular style or colour scheme in mind? No problem! We take commissions so just drop us an email and let us know what you have in mind and we can create the perfect piece for you.